Ever since I was a little boy, I have wanted to be a voice actor. I was always told I had a good voice, but of course, that's not too important to you. You simply want a voice that can represent you, have the same passion for your company that you do. I apply those characteristics to every client I work for. I have been told "if Ray told me my hair was on fire, I would run around believing him and be happy about it". My friend Sharon, the author of the Troy series about her son, told me she cried when she heard her words narrated by me.

Let me bring this attention to detail and the human factor to your voice over needs.


Corporate Narration
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Political Commercial
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Educational Narrative- Owners Manual
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Character Commercial-Conscience_1
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Audiobook Track- Dramatic
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Character Commercial- Biker
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Sentimental Commercial_0
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PSA-Forest Fires
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Science Documentry Narrative
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Sarcastic Commercial
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